What we stand for

The "Honourable Businessman" describes the image of a responsible participant in economic life that has developed historically in Europe. He stands for a pronounced sense of responsibility towards his own company, society and the environment. The principle "One man, one word" is one of his recognized ideals and the handshake between the contracting parties is the symbol of this.

Mission statement

The ideals of the "Honourable Swiss Merchant" were summarised in the association's mission statement and form the basis for the commercial behaviour of its members. The name of the association is historically determined. Of course, today, women entrepreneurs, board members and managers belong to the Association "Honourable Businessman Switzerland" as well as entrepreneurs, board members and managers.


The EKS welcomes managing directors, board members and decision makers from all areas of the economy who support the values and commitment of the EKS. As a member you are entitled to participate in networking events of the EKS. As a registered member you are entitled to use the logo and the name of the EKS personally. We would be pleased to welcome you as a new member.

Our origin

The idea for the association came to the three founders during a further education course in Zurich, which dealt with the topics of sustainability, business ethics and values.

In unsettled times and constantly changing conditions, mutual trust and value-oriented action are the key elements that have already ensured the economic and social stability of Switzerland and its successful development in the past.

It is our goal to put honourable action in the centre of our attention. Based on the model of the “Honourable Businessman”, we follow these values in our business activities. This is a set of rules that has been in place for centuries.

We see the revival of these values as one of the keys to sustainable success. Because honesty, fairness and mutual respect are timeless.

We are convinced that the values of the “Honourable Businessman” will strengthen Switzerland as a business location in the long term.

Today, the “” Ehrbarer Kaufmann Schweiz ” (EKS) unites entrepreneurs, decision-makers and board members of companies based in Switzerland. more


  • "Honorable merchant remains indispensable." German Bundestag President Schäuble

  • "The origin and meaning of the term Corporate Social Responsibility has its roots in the concept of the Honourable Businessman." Prof. Gerald Grusser

  • "Values, trust, security and responsibility are the most important cornerstones for sustainable action."

  • "The modern entrepreneur is not only measured by turnover and production figures, but increasingly also by what he is prepared to do for society out of social responsibility". Werner Otto (founder Otto Group)