Values create value

A handshake counts

The “Honourable Businessman” describes the historically grown image in Europe of a responsible participant in economic life.

He stands for a profound sense of responsibility towards his own company, society and the environment he operates in.

An Honourable Businessman bases his actions on virtues that aim at long-term economic success which do not conflict wth the interests of the society.

The principle “One man, one word” is one of his recognised ideals and the handshake between the contracting parties is the symbol of this.

Digitalization and its transformation pose a challenge not only to companies, but also have an impact on our entire society. We can positively shape the digital transformation so that our companies, employees and our society can successfully follow this path.

In our view, respectability and openness to the world are the basis of economic prosperity in Switzerland and its regions.

Mission statement

The ideals of the “Honourable Businessman Switzerland” were summarised in the mission statement of the association and form the foundation for the commercial behaviour of its members. The name of the association is purely historically conditioned. It goes without saying that female entrepreneurs, board members and managers today belong to the association “Ehrbarer Kaufmann Schweiz” just as much as male ones.

…stands by his word, the handshake counts.

…is cosmopolitan and liberal-oriented.

…demands tolerance and respects human diversity.

…treats his customers, employees and business partners fairly.

… adheres to the principle of good faith.

…is oriented towards long-term and sustainable entrepreneurial action.

…assumes responsibility in business, the environment and society and is thus a role model in its sustainable actions.

…is committed to Switzerland as a business location.

…is committed to its values in international business.

Value system

We consider value systems that are organizationally anchored in companies, such as Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) (often also referred to as corporate social responsibility), Compliance (a term used to describe the compliance of companies with rules and regulations), Corporate Governance, legal and factual regulatory frameworks for the management and supervision of companies, to be very good accompanying measures.

The focus of the “Honourable Businessman Switzerland” is on the responsible person. According to our understanding, a company will only develop sustainably and respectably through the personal example and specific actions of individuals (entrepreneurs, board members and managing directors).

Despite the different approaches, we see ourselves as bridge builders of the different systems ad approaches for the common good of Switzerland.

We are always open for discussion with people who favour different views or value systems.